Why Us

Why Us

Why Xylo Consulting

Xylo Consulting LLC has proven competencies in business and technology areas.

Our ability to provide exceptional services to the clientele is based on a solid foundational platform around Project Management, Center of Excellence’s, and tailored methodology across the three disciplines of Product Development, Technology Solutions and Outsourcing. Our product specialization includes award-winning File Security Software (Pawaa), a versatile data transportation solution on Cloud (CloudXport) and technology to deliver state-of-the-art applications to wireless handheld devices and personal computers.

One of the most key differences is that we focus equally on people & processes as well as the tools and technology involved in the solutions we deliver our clients. This helps us develop lasting relationships with our clients while viewing their unique business challenges and opportunities as our own.

Here are some of our key differentiators that make us unique

We are local and global :
Xylo Consulting LLC is based locally in the United States and is easily accessible. Our global delivery model spans onsite, offsite, near shore and offshore.

We are highly skilled :
Xylo Consulting LLC has broad technology and industry experience, and has a high level of expertise in emerging technologies such as Cloud Computing, SOA, Infrastructure, Database architecture, Data governance, Administration and EA integration

We are flexible :
Xylo Consulting LLC processes and methodologies are designed for collaborative computing, multi-vendor sourcing and alliances.

We are trusted partners :
We make it easy for clients to do business with us. That’s why our clients give us repeat business.

We are collaborative :
Collaboration and knowledge transfer are part of everything we do for our clients which results in highly effective global teams.

We are innovative :
We work with clients to build business solutions that transform their organizations.

We are disciplined :
Xylo Consulting LLC rock-solid methodologies, tightly managed processes and best practices ensure that we deliver consistent results.

We provide our customers with a high quality delivery commitment, secured internal delivery environment protecting our customers’ confidential data and higher productivity.

Above all, we constantly monitor feedback from our customers and the internal mechanisms for measuring the effectiveness of our processes to continually improve the products and services provided.

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