Software Engineer

Software Engineer

Job Title: Software Engineer

Job duties: Collect and analyze user’s business requirements, then design, implement and upgrade customized business system and standard operating procedures based on the analysis of the user’s requirements and business specifications; write and execute test plans and test cases in highly structured and loosely structured development environments and performing all types of testing; prepare detail design documents, unit test cases and ensure the quality deliverables adhere to standards; provide technical consultation to IT management to ensure the development of efficient application systems; design, configure, deploy, and maintain the Custom application, to ensure strong functionality and optimization; develop various business process applications in domain-driven design approach. May need to work in other locations as required.

Requirement: Master’s Degree in Computer Science/Application, Electronics, Engineering, Information Systems, or related.

Contact Person: Santosh Kumar/HR Manager – Xylo Consulting LLC, 3600 Route 66, Suite 150, Nepture, NJ 07753


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